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107 E Bay Street
Jacksonville, FL 32202
ph. 904-571-4396
em. pop_vantage@yahoo.com


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Welcome to +SoLo's official contribution to Jacksonville's Annual Jazz Fest celebration, together we can showcase the greatest in unknown Floridian improvising avant/free jazz musicianship.

Special guests include: Kris Gruda, Jim Ivy, AJ Herring, Jason Dean Arnold, Joseph Arnold, Lucy Bonk, AG Davis, Tim Albro, Jon Thoresen, Bill Henderson, Jamison Williams, and MANY MANY MORE; please contact Jamison Williams for further information regarding participation and scheduling concerns.

*Additional musicians are encouraged to perform and present their talent, a piano will be available.

+SoLo is a non-profit performance art space designed as a platform to promote, and exchange ideas, for those involved in the experimental and avant garde community.

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