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Sabine, Inc.


13301 US Highway 441
Alachua, FL 32615-8544
ph. 386-418-2000
em. customerservice@sabine.com


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Sabine, Inc., located in its new international headquarters in Alachua, Florida, manufactures professional audio equipment essential to live, installed and recording sound venues large and small. Sabine's FBX Feedback Exterminator® is the industry standard for transparent, feedback-free sound. Sabine True Mobility® wireless microphones systems (with built-in FBX) give performers the clearest sound and maximum mic mobility. Sabine Music Accessories division manufactures some of the best-selling musical instrument tuners and accessories in the industry.

A graduate of the University of Florida's School of Engineering, Sabine founder and CEO Doran Oster built the company based on innovation and quality. “Some people go into business distributing other people's products, or making products that are similar to everyone else's product, but cheaper,” Oster said. “That's what I call a 'me too' product. We don't have the resources to do things cheaper than our international competitors. A Sabine product has to be something new or something substantially better than what's on the market.”

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