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Matrix Audio Systems - King of Prussia PA


293 Bernard Drive
King of Prussia, PA 19406
ph. (610) 337-4343
em. Jim@matrixaudiosystems.net


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Would an artist paint with just ONE color? Of course not. That is why we believe in a whole palate of sonic textures so as not to veil every track in a “signature sound”. This is why we offer multiple microphone preamps, compressors, equalizers and other products, all with different topologies (circuit designs), to provide different sonic textures. We DON'T believe in only one “holy grail” product like some companies offer who claim their one product “sounds great on everything”. We don't buy into that philosophy.

The one common factor of all of our designs is clarity, detail and harmonics, while they all have different sonic character. Some are linear. Some are punchy and aggressive. Some are in-between. Some are smooth sounding and so on.

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