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Everyone's Drumming - Putney VT


474 Woodland Path
Putney, VT 05346
ph. 1-800-326-0726
em. support@everyonesdrumming.com

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Everyone's Drumming has been designing and handcrafting hand drums for over 15 years in the hills of Westminster West, Vermont. We have never wavered from our original objective to produce the highest quality djembes and other hand drums, which are now recognized as some of the finest available.

We are confident that with just a touch, you will hear that these are the finest sounding drums available. With our “Cinch Tuning” method, these drums are the fastest and easiest to tune of any rope tuned drum. We offer a full line including Djembes, Ashikos, Djun djuns, Talking Drums, Drum Bags and our patented Mounting System

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