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Craig Anderson Guitars - Burlington VT


122 Green Acres Drive
Burlington, VT 05408
ph. 802-865-0028
em. craig@craigandersonguitars.com


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I guess you'd say I came to guitarmaking as a searcher. I was searching for a certain sound and feel.

I also wanted to have a hand in creating the pulse of the guitar I was playing. At first I was going to build just for myself, but it was so much fun I decided to do it full time and build for others as well.

I have had a great time doing this and I hope to continue as long as I can. I figure I'll do it till I'm 80 or 85. I think that will be my prime, the time I will build my finest guitars- just before I retire. Then I'll just hang out and play a bit and relax with friends making music.



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