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Catherine Hayford


2040 Dornbin Dr.
Reynoldsburg, OH 6142735303
ph. 6142735303
em. mguilbert1@earthlink.net


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*****Here's how it works:***** First let's design a great looking website for you with a logo, colors you like and fonts that reflect your style. Then a Facebook Business Page, Google Plus page, Twitter account, Instagram, etc...link them all together. Get you a Consent Contact account for all the emails you collect. Let's post some free classified ads. Now let's write some great content and get some awesome pictures and Tada let’s start marketing. I will do all of this for you at a great price and you can make payments. Give me a call anytime 614-273-5303

Social media can work great for your local business if you spend the time it takes to get to know your public. Interact with them, get to know them, like their posts and share their content they will do the same for you.

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