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Brannen Brothers Flute Makers - Woburn MA


58 Dragon Court
Woburn , MA 01801
ph. (781) 935-9522
em. sarahg@brannenflutes.com


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Since Brannen Brothers was founded in 1978, we have earned a worldwide reputation for unsurpassed excellence. There is no doubt about our place in the market; discerning flutists have placed us squarely at the top. Throughout the flute community, we are known as the company that leads the way in innovation and standard setting.

Every flute and headjoint bearing the Brannen Brothers name is handmade to exacting standards of craftsmanship, and every one displays the most advanced mechanical design and acoustic technology available in the world today.

We strongly believe that any instrument you purchase from us should be absolutely reliable and capable of enhancing your performance. We seek to form a partnership with each customer; so that, together, we can determine the exact instrument that will meet your individual needs. Nowhere else will you find our range of options, both standard and custom-designed, and nowhere else will you find a staff more capable of crafting, precisely and beautifully, the instrument you have always wanted.

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