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Ears&Eyes Records is a community. We are dedicated to new and progressive arts. We pride ourselves on releasing and promoting some of the most wonderful musicians/artists in the Chicago (and New Orleans) area...

On the last GKduo east/south tour, we introduced the “ears&eyes Records - Volume One” sampler/compilation CD. It includes current artists such as: Tomorrow Music Orchestra, Video Gum Culture, Jason Steele Ensemble, Silences Sumire, James Davis Quintet, Gkduo, Zing!, Pedway, The Hall Monitors, and QMRplus.

We also host an annual 'ears&eyes Festival' in Chicago. Last December, performers included (music by:) The Other Planets (from New Orleans), Day Dream Full Lifestyles (Tony Malaby, Rob Mazurek, Chad Taylor, Jeff Parker & Jason Ajemian), Phillip Morris, As It Falls, High End Trio, Nuclear Biologist Rocket Surgeons, The Leaves, Tomorrow Music Orchestra, Jim Baker, (live projections by:) Video Janitor & Casey Farina, (films by:) Middle Mind Project, (art showings by:) Ashleigh Long, Chris Palladino, Vanessa Rosely, Israel Alpizar, (live art by:) Hanna Mathey.

  1. Chinchano Juan Pastor
    Chinchano (October 03, 2014)
  2. This World and One More Whirlpool
    This World and One More (December 10, 2013)
  3. Live Work & Play Caroline Davis
    Live Work & Play (November 07, 2012)
  4. Some Wonderful Moment The Jason Steele Ensemble
    Some Wonderful Moment (December 16, 2007)

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